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Who are these people?

Hello there.

We’re super excited to have you with us. Thanks to the power of Chinese whispers – or the Internet oracle named Google – you’ve probably heard a little bit about Apostrophe already. But let us indulge in a formal introduction anyway.

We’re Melbourne’s first copywriting collective.

A group of award-winning, freelance copywriters that collaborate with almost anyone. Design agencies. Digital agencies. Brand managers. And even like-minded start-ups that are defining their own categories.

Every one of us has worked on top global brands, at some of the world’s top advertising agencies. We’ve won awards – both here and overseas. And since we all have a background in creative, our ideas are as clever as our words.

So if you – like so many of our local and international clients – are gung-ho enough to adopt an unconventional way of working, give us a call.

How we're different

Any copywriter can write content for websites, letters, and brochures. But an Apostrophe copywriter brings a little something extra to the table.

That is, lateral thinking.

It allows us to write more engaging, meaningful copy; create insightful, behaviour-changing concepts for campaigns; and approach social media in a strategic, innovative way.

Take a look at the Venn diagram below. We think you’ll find it shows we can do more than fill a block of text. We can solve a problem.

Frank conversations that keep people talking. Engaging digital that wins fans from all over the world. Award-winning campaigns that move product off shelves.


Meet the family.

Words work in so many ways - in magazines and brochures, on billboards, in scripts, and even on websites and social media. So it’s a good thing we have writers who specialise in each.

Take a look below for a brief bio on the clever little Apostrophes that make up our collective.




adaptable, timeless, reliable.




adaptable, award-winning, creative.




rebellious, fearless, fascinating.

rockwell bold


rockwell bold

results-driven, award-winning, media-neutral.




relatable, concise, always conversational.

arial narrow


arial narrow

clever, curious, often seen in editorial.

futura light


futura light

modern, well-rounded, skinny.


You’re in good company.

So you’d like to know who we’ve written for? Not surprising.
Here’s a list we prepared earlier.

The A to Z of who we’ve written for...

A is for ADIDAS
B is for banks like ANZ, NAB and Bankmecu
C is for Cadbury
D is for Doc Martins
E is for Electric tools by Bosch
F is for Fosters Group
G is for Garnier
H is for Heinz
I is for iSelect
J is for Japanese Anti-Ageing by Proplenish
K is for Kiddie Snacks from SPC
L is for Lucky you're with AAMI
M is for Mini
N is for Nine Elms Property, London
O is for Operational Network, by Motorola
P is for Peroni
Q is for Queensland's fun parks
R is for Reach Foundation
S is for Salvidor Dali's favorite lolly, Chupa Chup
T is for Telstra
U is for University of Melbourne
V is for Very clean clothes by Radiant
W is for White Pages
X is for .. we don't like to talk about Xs
Y is for Yellow Pages
Z is for Melbourne Zoo
Apostrophe Copywriters


Let’s talk.

If you’d like to know more about what we do - or you’d just like to see a bit of our office over Skype - get in touch for a chitchat.

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1. , Dr. Suess, 2003, Oh, the places you’ll go, HarperCollinsPublishers Ltd.

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Luckily we’re here to help your business earn more “likes” on social media.

We’re ___________ for our big ideas.

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